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It was September 30, 2017. It was the day! A big day for all of Gathapraya's committee. It was the peak of all pre-event that we've ever held. We had to be on Lapangan Bali at 5 AM. But, I was late. I woke up on 5.30 AM. I took a bath in hurry and I left my house with car and reached Lapangan Bali as soon as possible. After that, on 6.17 AM I finally reached Lapangan Bali. There was crowded already. The decoration team was finishing their jobs. The produdction manager team was helping the decoration team for finishing the decoration. I was confused. I had no job desk in that day.

On 7 AM all of the committee assembled on Centrum Parking Lot for the final meeting before the event started. We pray to Allah, we wished for no rain on that day. After that we shouted out our cheering for raising our spirit for that day. Alleric lead the cheering. After that, all of my division team work moved to Saparua Park to guide the traditional dresses parade. My classmate, Leonita and Faris wa…

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